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Affected workshop by Bosmat Nossan, Mandel Cultural Center

One of the interesting phenomena of the present time is what seems to be a relatively global unity created around the pandemic. We are all in the physical and mental state that we imagine as the same as social isolation, existential fear, and new experiences in the virtual space. In the workshop, we will deal with the events of the present time from physical, visual and plastic perspectives. More than engaging in contemporary discourse itself will focus on its affect on us. We will explore and explore our imagined and shared physical/affective states as we distill the visual and physical elements out of the discourse. We will explore these processes through physical elements that mediate emotions: how do, for example, changes in speed, slow or fast motion turn into emotional material? How does tremor produce real emotion in the body? How does a coughing open up a new space for the dancer? We will work with other bodily elements on movement, such as sound and form, with which we will attempt to touch on emotional themes such as anxiety, a sense of freedom, detachment, and any other emotional effects these body, mind and spirit phenomenas have on us.

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Poster invitations for Affected

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