Tights is a platform promoting and celebrating the alliance between dance and thought. This 1st annual conference brings together our residency program, Corpus:research group about PrimiTV and La Collectiz! A community of practitioners, scholars, students and audience coming together to think, lecture, share, present and perform.


Wednesday, 12 Dec, 2018

19:30 - SHOW: It Itches by Ido Feder

21:00 - SHOW: Young Girls Wanna Dance Their Spirit by Lilach Livne 


Thursday, 13 Dec, 2018

15:30 - Opening remarks - Ido Feder

15:45 - DEMONSTRATION & LECTURES: Residency Program:

Yuli Kovbasnian, Merav Dagan, Sharon Zuckerman Weiser, Iris Erez and Tami Leibovits

18:30 - The Boycottables: Russia-Israel Network. WORKSHOP and DISSCUSION led by Dina Khuseyn, choreographer and curator based in Moscow and Bordeaux

21:00 - SHOW: Young Girls Wanna Dance Their Spirit by Lilach Livne 


* After show talk with Lilach


Friday, 14 Dec, 2018

9:30 - Gathering

10:30 - LECTURES:
Corpus:research group about PrimiTV

Rona Cohen, Roy Waks, Rotem Elbaz 

12:00 - DEMONSTRATIONS: Residency Program: Annabelle Dvir

13:30 - WORKSHOP: Hilda Wengrower

15:00 - SHOW: Young Girls Wanna Dance Their Spirit by Lilach Livne 


Saturday, 15 Dec, 2018

19:30 - SHOW: Retrospective: Hospitality by Michal Samama

We will try to incorporate and be inspired by the following ideas of Sense Lab in Concordia University in Montreal, led by Prof. Erin Manning


Movements of Thought considers ways of moving and thinking through embodied experience, and of thought itself as a mobile interplay across disciplines. What is a moving thought? How may it open bodies to modes of lived abstraction, becoming more-or-less human, comprising images, material entities, and affective compositions? What techniques may be drawn from diverse practices in physical movement, and how may these be assembled in discussion with scholars and practitioners from other fields? Working alongside Knots of Thought, this assembly of thinking-together invites participants to consider what may be at stake for performing an ecology of practices in the movements of thought.

Knots of Thought is a mode of working-thinking between disciplines that pushes us to make perceptible the captures, blockages, intercessions and interruptions in our academic and artistic projects. The invitation is to participate in a round table to share these knots, not necessarily to unknot them, but to explore collectively how a knot gives texture to a project. How is a capture an opening? Might we say that all thought unfolds from knots? What is a knot of thought? What strategies have we taken to tighten or unravel these? How do we work from them, cut into them, and open out new ideas from their densities, into new intensities? In tandem with Movements of Thought, this series invites participants to explore the strange performances of the knots of thought.