Tights: Dance & Thought - residency program is part of Tights vast activity program in collaboration with Mandel Culture Center in Jaffa and supported by Mifaal Hapais. Tights residency program will stress the material and immaterial needs of the contemporary dance artist. Each year between five to seven artists will have a residency stay at the Mandel Center. Firstly, the artists will use the residency to advance their ongoing creative process. That is, if they are at the starting point of their creative process they will use the stay to create new materials, develop new thoughts and improvise. Or, if they are at the final stages of a specific work they will take advantage of the stay to concentrate on the finishing touches need for it. Tights’ residency program will offer artistic guidance, curation consulting, and well-formed thought on the artist’s creative process.

Tights’ residency program at Mandel Center sees its future work as a cultural operation that keeps a safe critical distance from the aesthetic interests of dominant dance companies or authoritative artists. 

Following past events initiated under the broad framework of 
Tights: Dance & Thought we wish to see art and thinking about art as two distinct actions that come into a shared covenant. That is, while the artist does his work, we as a community, think about his actions. Of course theory, philosophy, or any other existing knowledge is useful, but most important is the act of producing knowledge of dance. 

Alongside the residents independent activity we will promote rigorous theoretical work that will be made accessible to the wide audiences in Tightsannual conference. The artists will each contribute to these events and will be invited to donate his knowledge to Mandel Center’s community. This year the artists will be offered a chance to communicate his work by participating in Tights’ annual conference and could take an active part in reading and research groups.   

The residency program’s communal activity will include workshop for neighbouring Jaffa communities by each resident. We aim in particular to the the children of Jaffa that attend Mandel Center and its library. We do not aim to transmit all of the knowledge to the surrounding community by wish to give something back to the people that surround us.