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Creatures of Dance
A Podcast on Contemporary Dance in Israel
Dr. Yael (yali) Nativ and Iris Lana 


We invite you to listen to Creatures of Dance, a podcast on contemporary dance in Israel with Yali Nativ and Iris Lena. In our first series (chapters 1-5) we offer a broad view of dance works and their creators and discuss topics such as Israeli identity, Israeliness, gender, and ethnicity. In the second series (chapters 6-19) we talk with choreographers about the creative process, choreographic practices and the production of movement material. Chapter 20 will be dedicated to dance festivals in Israel and will question their role and significance in the Israeli dance ecosystem. In each episode we hoast choreographers, artists, researchers and others from the Israeli cultural field.  

The Israeli contemporary dance field is vibrant, complex and unique in its scope and its cultural, social and political contexts, both local and global. Our intention is to shed light on this extraordinary phenomenon and to create a lively and knowledgeable discourse for the benefit of wide and diverse audiences.

Israeliness and canon in Ohad Naharin's 'Kyr' (wall in Hebrew) (1990) , Batsheva Dance Company

53:06 minutes

Israeli identity and politics in Ohad Naharin’s '2019' (2019) Batsheva Dance Company

33:04 minutes

Gender play in the works of Yasmeen Godder, Anat Danieli & Omer Uziel, Merav Dagan and Roni Chadash 
53:52 minutes

Masculinities in the works of Niv Sheinfeld & Oren Laor, Gilad Jerusalmy, Yossi Berg & Oded Graf; Roy Assaf and Adi Boutrous. Recorded: Winter 2021. 
1:15:55 minutes

Ethnicity and Local Jewish Mizrahi Folklore in Israeli Contemporary Dance.

Recorded: Spring-Summer 2021.

1:20:47 minutes

From the series 'Movement Material - Conversations with choreographers'. 
41:50 minutes

From the series 'Movement Material - Conversations with choreographers'.
Recorded: Winter of 2023.

42:50 minutes

This podcast is part of the discursive platform of Tights: Dance & Thought.

The podcast was produced in collaboration with The Cultural Diplomacy Bureau at The Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The production was supported by the Israeli Choreographers' Association and the Israeli Ministry of Culture and Sports.

This podcast is available on: Apple, Spotify, Deezer, Google, Link Tree


© all rights reserved Yali Nativ & Iris Lana


The podcast Creatures of Dance on dance in Israel, is available to the public on the various streaming platforms. An attempt was made to locate all

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