IMAGE: Lucas Cranach, The Golden Age, c. 1530 (detail)


Tights: Dance & Thought is a unique, first of its kind, platform that seeks to give the dance-thirsty audiences of Tel-Aviv Jaffa a place to create a discursive-community of dance. The goal before us is creating a profound discussion revolving around local dance, its philosophy, its history, its politics, and more.


Tights’ primary belief is that art cannot develop without thinking of and about itself. We see that dance, often perceived as a bodily form of art, has been somewhat neglected from this perspective. Tights answers the local dance community’s wish not only to dance but to think and talk about dance. 

Tights’ importance is threefold: artistic, communal, and intellectual. Tights gives a place for young and experienced performers to research their work while conducting a thorough discussion of it. In addition, we discuss theoretical and philosophical aspects of dance in order to enrich the field. Finally, the local dance community finds in Tights a multi-dimensional place to deal with dance as a varied and complex field. We wish to give the local community of those dealing with dance in all its forms an intimate opportunity to think of the future of this discipline, on new modes of artistic work, and ways of organising the community.

Artistic & general director: Ido Feder

Founders: Shir Hacham & Ido Feder

Website design: Tomer Rosenthal



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