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Affected: Dancers Research Group

Dancers are a pack of embodied knowledge. This research group invites dancers to consciously investigate their beCompany, the way they mediate affectivity, trans-individuality, reality and art. The research group went through four guided experiences led by Ido Feder, Bosmat Nossam, Smadar Yaaron and Michal Samama (see below), where their pack's pact is cherished, polished and honed as they realize and perform and observe their beCompany process.

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Dror Birger

Photo: Hofit Rauchberger

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Dror Birger (born 1991) is a freelance dancer. He completed the Adama school dancers training program under the direction of Liat Dror and Nir Ben Gal as well as Roar (Berlin) a program for performance and dance. He has performed in projects and festivals in Israel and Europe including works by Dana Marcus and Ido Feder. 

As well, Dror holds an MA degree in political philosophy from the Tel Aviv University and practices as a critic of culture and dance.

Tamar Even Chen

ויטוריו דויד .jpeg

Photo: Vittorio David ‎

Tamar Even Chen (born 1997) studied classical ballet at the Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance. During her studies she attended ballet courses in Europe and New York and received scholarships including the Creative Excellence Grants (Sharett). She completed the Dancers’ Training Program under the direction of Naomi Perlov and Ofir Dagan as well as La Collectiz! program under the guidance of Ido Feder and Lilach Livne. She received a full scholarship from Mifal HaPais to attend a 6 week Impulstanz course. She has worked with choreographers Ido Feder, Lilach Livne, Omer Krieger and more. 

Shay Kukui


Shay Kukui (born 1999 in Rosh Pina) studied dance at the Thelma Yellin High School. She is the recipient of the America-Israel Cultural Foundation grant. She studied with Elie Lazar as well as at La Collectiz! program under the guidance of Ido Feder and Lilach Livne. She is part of a group of multidisciplinary artists called Penthouss who has presented their works in museums, theaters and galleries in Israel and Europe. She has worked with choreographers Lilach Livne, Ido Feder, Bosmat Nossan and more. She recently took part in Cameri Theater’s rendition of a Hanoch Levin play under the direction of Ari Folman and with the choreography of Andrea C. Martini‎.

Kobi Suissa

ניר שריג.jpeg

Photo: Nir Sarig

Kobi Suissa (born 1988 in Ashdod) is a a multidisciplinary artist and performer. He holds a BFA in fine art from the Bezalel Academy of Art and Design and studied at La Collectiz! program for dancers, a framework in which he worked with choreographers such as Vincent Ribeek, Ido Feder, Lilach Livne, Lily Pfalzer and more. He presented his works in Israel and Europe which combine photography, apparel and editing and investigates Archetypal  movement and it’s relation to the physical presence of the body.

Amit Tina


Amit Tina (born 1991) studied a repertoire and technique workshop with Yasmeen Godder as well as at Hakvutza in Jaffa and La Collectiz! program under the guidance of Ido Feder and Lilach Livne. She is the graduate of the practitioner training program of the Ilan Lev Method. During the years 2012-2016 she danced at Maria Kong dance company. She has worked with choreographers Ido Feder, Lilach Livne, Kim Teitelbaum, Sigal Bergman and Danielle Shoufra.

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