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Residency /  2017

The 2017 residency program included a variety of performances, discursive events, and workshops. The first meeting was dedicated to the choreographer Hillel Kogan and included pieces from the performance “the swan and the pimp” and a talk with Ido Feder and Shir Hacham. The second event was a discursive performance event in which Avigail Sfez and Elad Bardes performed their work “from reasons of comfort” that examined the possibility of looking at beginnings as independent content. The third meeting revolved around May Zarhy’s work “the Voices” where a female ensemble of dancers and singers looked into the spaces between dance and music and between the materiality of voice and that of movement. The last meeting showcased the work of Shira Eviatar and Eviatar Said and included a lecture by the photographer David Adika; during this evening we discussed the way in which knowledge is physically embodied and the way artistic work paints a personal cultural picture. In addition, we conducted workshops, with the participation of all the residents, the exposed local primary school children to dance and movement. In the workshops the kids thought about the connection between words and movements, voice and body, and learned about traditional Yemenite dance.       

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