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La Collectiz! — a new program for dancers in Israel, led by Ido Feder and Lilach Livne, will be hosted in November  2018 by the CCA.
For one month the CCA will become a school for La Collectiz program - we will explore, study and refer to themes and methods of choreographers who works in relation to the museum/gallery/white cube spaces and in the context of visual art.
The program will be open to the public to view and listen - it will includes lectures, physical practices, Skype Sessions & discussions.
The choreographers who will be studied are Marten Spangberg, Alexandra Pirici, Maria Hassabi, Tino Sehgal, Anne Himhof etc.
The sessions will be led by Lilach Livne & Ido feder
Guests lectures by Michal Helfman and Lior Avizoor.

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