La Collectiz!


Program for Dancers in Tel Aviv-Jaffa



La Collectiz! is a group of dancers and choreographers of the same generation active in Tel Aviv-Jaffa, who wish to found a new school.


Firstly, La Collectiz! will take part in the formation of the Israeli dancer. The graduate program offers an initiation into contemporary creative methodologies through workshops, experiences, events, personal guidance, viewing and creating performances, and talks--all meant to form new, creative, brave, curious, physical and up-to-date dancers; who wish to investigate their own art and get involved in the Israeli and international dance scene.


We are looking to collaborate with: dancers, performers, and actors who have a physical training and wish to work as dancers in the field of professional dance.


Program directors: Lilach Livne and Ido Feder


The members of collectiz are: Bosmat Nosen, Ariel Cohen, Shira Evyater, Lilach Livne and Ido Feder.


*These members are the core faculty of the program, alongside which will teach both local and international guest lecturers giving talks and workshops.


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Program cost: 7000 NIS, for approximately 230 hours

We will hold an open day with a presentation of the full program


Applicants are invited to send their CV to


Candidates will later be invited to an audition-workshop and a talk


** The program directors reserve the rights for program changes


Program Details:


Our goal is to train experienced dancers and performers for the world of contemporary dance. We aim to create a community that celebrates its art in the professional field and redefines the limits of its own experience and talent. A community that will expose itself to varied conceptions of dance and ways of thinking about the human body, and establish the dancer as a performing-interpreting artist.


The participants in the program will go through an intensive process, both as individual dancers and as groups, that will allow them to train and establish themselves as available, multifaceted, and barve performers who reexamine their talents using their bodies. All this would be achieved by positioning ourselves in contemporary creativity.


We believe that the professional dancer is not just a performer of familiar dance aesthetic forms, but rather is an artist who challenges, develops, and delves into a wide range of experiences, ideas, and possibilities of the body to perform, think, and express. The contemporary dancer is a knowledgeable and curious artist who takes place in the art field using his/her body, thoughts, imagination, and language and is willing to move freely through this field, moving dance, as a performative form of art, into the future.


The program’s teachers are committed to creating a lively and passionate discourse revolving around dance, in which the students receive personal attention and be part of an active network creating a new school in Tel Aviv-Jaffa.




Preliminary itinerary and schedule


September: Experiencing and Viewing


Workshops concerned with the empowerment and expansion of the experiencing dimensions of the body by sampling extreme situations of time, thought, and exhaustion. In addition we will update and rethink some of contemporary dance’s most basic tool: introspection, duration, exposure, intention, and listening. At the same time we would attend the performances in Diver Festival and discuss them, try to note current trends in choreography, learn, experiment, dance and write our visions in dance.



November: Museum

Workshop revolving around the different manners of presenting the dancing body in relation to various references, the history of dance, different spaces, the relationship between the spectator and the performer, object-subject questions and more. The museum and his historical and contemporary relations with dance will be the context in which we will try to re-interpret our work.



January: Production


We will return to the studio and focus on producing events, images, and actions. We will focus diverse work methods and different manners of performance. We will produce and experiment while identifying our own abilities, our strong- and weak points, and what we have to offer as dancers.


In - Between


During the main period of activity we will offer close guidance of the students, group meetings for lectures, exposure for new references, presentations and feedbacks, and meetings with artists from Israel and abroad. At the close of the program we will hold an event in which the works of the participants will be presented.