The Pool




The Pool was born in the beginning of 2021 out of a desire to not stand still in the face of the chronic uncertainty which we have experienced for quite some time, and which has become inescapable since the pandemic. Things intensified with the sense that the proposition of art and culture for human society is losing its relevance, without regard to their vast history, ancient knowledge and varied potentialities. We embarked on a collaborative journey with a process of incubation, reflection, and frequency calibrations, aimed at rehabilitating the ceremonial space of the art world and manifesting power inherent in the work of art.

The first part of the project, which took place between November 2021 and June 2022, sought out new courses of action from different groups of artists, who worked side by side, and were asked to offer new ceremonies, actions, procedures, and formats of re-calibration of the art world. Each group committed to hold one event for The Pool at one of our gathering centers, The Bat Yam Museum of Art and CCA: Tel Aviv-Yafo. For its part, The Pool was asked to serve as an audience. This contract, which was often breached, pointed to the difficulty as well as the need not only of performers but also an audience, on the path to restoring the sense of solidarity and meaning in the art world.

The project is concluded with the Diver Festival, which offers us: Enter The Pool. Many of this year's festival participants explored their artistic proposals as part of The Pool's incubator phase, presenting events with a complex and shared signature.

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