Shira Eviatar & Evyatar Said


Photo: Tamar Lamm


Shira Eviatar (1986) - is a choreographer and dancer based in Tel Aviv.  She is a DanceWeb scholarship program participant and holds a degree in dance theatre from Kibbutzim College.  Her research examines how we embody our past generations, traditions and cultures. She has performed her works in various festivals in Israel, France, Germany, Austria and Poland. Her works reflect the forms within tradition and the knowledge they contain, creating a meeting point between the ethnic/traditional body and the concrete/present body, an abstraction of tradition


Evyatar Said (1986) - is a third year student at the Linguistics and Political science department at Tel-Aviv University with a focus in the field of sociolinguistics. He has worked with the Artist Leor Grady in the video-art 'Natural Worker'. Said has worked as a movement consultant for Yemenite dance, including with the choreographer Shira Eviatar on her work 'Rising'. He performs Yemenite and Palestinian dances as part of 'Ars Poetica' events.

Shira/Eviatar/Said - is a second collaboration that continues to investigate the ways in which cultural bodies of knowledge are embodied in the body. Based on the Yemenite tradition, the work draws a personal cultural landscape, thus recomposes a language that is practiced as one’s heritage. As it enters the public space, this language becomes recognized, identified as "other". Hence, in his appearance on stage, Said migrates into his home: Deconstructs and rewrites somatic memories, bodies of knowledge, emotions and sensations as he celebrates the possibility of establishing an independent body in the present.