Sharon Zuckerman Weiser


Photo: Sharon Zuckerman Weiser

Sharon Zuckerman Weiser (1977) - Born In Israel. Graduated from P.A.R.T.S in 1999. Since then has been alternating between dancing with others and creating her own work. Worked with various  artists in Europe and Israel, such as Charlotte Vanden Eynde, Jan Decorte, Shani Granot, Arco Renz, Ulrich Rasche, Yasmeen Godder, Arkadi Zaides and others. For the last 9 years Zuckerman became Dance Dramaturg for several independent artists among them: Iris Erez, Maya Brinner and Hillel Kogan. She has been mentoring and teaching in different high education programs, specializing in working on the performative skills of  dancers. From next year on she will be the head director of the New Choreography Program in Kelim Center at Bat Yam.


The Sub Way - A duo for two mature performers: Moshe Schechter Avshalom and Sharon Zuckerman Weiser. Dealing with the black boxes. The things behind things. The blind spots of the human consciousness- performative, dancy, physical consciousness. Removing the personal layer and touching a sub-layer – self-operating mechanism. Like Zuckerman’s other works – physical representation of the human and the performative  communication between the performer and public feed the search and the finding.