Merav Dagan


Photo: Ophir Ben Shimon

Merav Dagan (1984) - is a choreographer, performer, and dance and yoga instructor. She is a graduate of the Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance and at present is a Master’s student at the interdisciplinary art program in Tel Aviv University. Dagan was a DanceWEB scholar at ImPulsTanz in Vienna. She has worked with various choreographers and directors in Israel and has performed in festivals and theaters around the world. Her own work has been presented inIntimadance Festival, Machol Acher (Other Dance) Festival (2012), Shades in Dance festival (2013), A-ganer Festival (2014), and the Acco International Fringe Festival (2015). In 2016 she created COME CLOSER for Curtain up festival in collaboration with Stav Marin. Merav won the award for Best Actress in the Acco Theatre Festival  2012 for her role in the show "Marathon" by Aharona Israel. As a choreographer she won first prize in Shades in Dance Festival with the piece “I can see them coming”.

This is an offer to take the biological mechanism of the menstruation cycle and use it

as a choreographic score – an outline for a space of cyclical - temporary destruction.

This is a wish to establish the female body as a source of information and inspiration

for new insights, turn it into a platform one could view the world and operate in, in

the hope for a better future.