May Zarhy & Michal Oppenheim


Photo: Tamar Lamm

May Zarhy (1984) is a  choreographer and performer. Graduate of the Rotterdam Dance Academy in The Netherlands and 'ex.e.r.ce' choreography program in France. Was assisting William Forsythe in 2015. A Founding member of the choreographic collective MAMAZA in Germany.


Michal Oppenheim (1982) - is a singer and composer. Works in a performative field which is grounded in vocal exploration. A founding member of 'Givol Choir'- – an experimental vocal ensemble. Collaborating as a performer in several works by Noam Enbar & Yonatan Levi, and a creator of the performance (soon an album) 'Eres - Lullabies For Adults'.


The Voices is the second collaboration of May and Michal which is part of an ongoing research, and has been developed within the Tights Residency. By grouping together a female ensemble of dancers and singers, they explore the space between the dance medium and that of music, between the materiality of movement and that of the voice. Thus, an alternative choir is created: one which is not limited solely to singing, but choreographs itself between the realms of voice, body and vibration, creating a third object, which is neither dance nor music, and at the same time is both.