Iris Erez


Photo: Daniel Tchetchik

Iris Erez (1971) -  a creator, dancer and teacher of body and movement. Through her works Iris is searching to bring the political and public spheres through the private vibrating body and to research the reciprocal influences on one another. Teaches at the Academy for music & dance and the Visual Theater school in Jerusalem. Was also an artistic director of Machol Shalem Dance Festival and an actress. Today she is raising 2 boys.

In this project Iris is aiming to search the option of dancing the space, making the actual body vibrate its surrounding, becoming an environmental body. In doing so to question our ability to resist our environment, surrender to it and change it. What is between utopia and dystopia in the actual dancing body? In the gap between the will to move "out of here" and the will to move "from here" maybe lies the possibility to create a change (in Hebrew: "to dance a change") in a deep sense.