Hillel Kogen

Photo: Gadi Dagon

Hillel Kogan (1974) - works in the Israeli and international dance scene as an independent choreographer and as a dancer. Graduated from Thelma Yelin High School for the Arts’ Theater Department. Studied dance at The Bat Dor Dance Studio and the Merce Cunningham Studio in New York City.  He is the recipient of the Israel National Lottery’s 2015 Landau Prize, and The Israel Critics’ Circle’s Outstanding Choreographer of 2013.

The Swan and the pimp - Explores the centrality of the swan’s image and it's relation to the figure of the female dancer. The dichotomous split between the black swan associated with seduction and evilness and the white swan, associated with innocence and kindness - reflects the traditional misogynic division of women (sacred or prostitute). By examining this split, this work aims at revealing the patriarchal, chauvinistic, and repressive ideology veiled under the guise of aesthetics, virtuosity, and lyricism.