Hagar Tenenbaum


Hagar Tenenbaum (1988) - is a choreographer dancer based in Brussels. Tenenbaum grew up in Tel Aviv, Israel until she moved to Brussels to start her studies in PARTS where she graduated in 2014. Since then Tenenbaum continued working on her own solo projects - Swimming-room (2014) and Abstraction end and things like that (2016) while working in collaboration with Hendrik Willekens and Danny Neyman and working as a freelance dancer for Shelly Nadashi, Mette Ingvartsen, Pontus Pettresson and Daniel Linehan. Currently Tenenbaum is working on her new project for 2019 while finishing her MA studies in visual art.

Opening dance - In this process I would like to have a closer look at how we assimilate movements into our bodies through the imitation of shapes and rhythms. Through this principle of imitation I would like to "speak" about this changing body and observe what kind of meaning can be created in the meeting between the  biological body and the image it chose to imitate and repeat.