Creatures of Dance: A Podcast on contemporary Dance in Israel
Episode 6


Iris Lana and Yael (yali) Nativ

Iris Erez -
"Movement with Fringes"

From the series 'Movement Material - Conversations with choreographers'.

(Recorded in Winter of 2022)

Iris Erez - "Movement with Fringes"
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Iris Erez, independent choreographer, dancer and body and movement teacher.


Dr. Idit Suslik, a lecturer at the kibbutzim College and the School of Visual Theater. Her research focuses on the aesthetics of the body and dance, and performance analysis in dance and theater through contemporary artistic and cultural contexts. She writes in her independent online platform "The Contemporary Eye".



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Narration: Sarah Holchman, Amos Zimmerman


The music in this episode was composed for Iris Erez's choreographies:


"Local" (2016), Ofir Gal 

"Homesick" (2010), Reckless Feet- Ram Gabay 

"Missing Faces" (2021), Guy Sherf & a cover of "Mad World" by ‘Tears for Fears' produced by Guy Sherf, performed by Ruth Valenssi


Iris Erez - website

"Missing Faces" (2021) - Trailer

"Local" (2016) - Trailer

“Homesick” (2010) - Trailer