Program for Dancers in Tel Aviv-Jaffa

The Pool was developed as a response to the current times but also thinking about pivotal issues that have been affecting the field of contemporary art in the last twenty years. 

It was orchestrated by four individuals -  Hila Cohen-Schneiderman, Ido Feder, Michal Helfman, and Gilad Ratman, and is also a Collaboration of four venues: CCA – Center for Contemporary Art Tel Aviv, MoBY: Museums of Bat Yam, Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design, Jerusalem BFA Program and Diver Festival has created an institutional consortium focused on a multifaceted project to take place in various venues in 2021 and 2022.


Out of the feeling that these times call for a reassessment of central paradigms upon which the art world operates – we gathered. A pandemic is an event that allows a pause, generates attention, gives the opportunity to rethink the rules of the given order. We, therefore, wish ourselves to further yield this transformation in ways that will echo our vulnerability in new forms of mutual guarantees. In the current state of affairs, the very imperatives upon which the art world has set its agendas do no longer serve Art’s deep purpose. For centuries it did, over and again, fostering radical forms and cultivating the individualized, liberal, and democratic modern subject. Its success in doing so lent the art world its resiliency. As postmodern subjects, we learned to suspect any form of power and collective authority. Today we experience the downside of this necessary process: that as postmodern subjects, we have become deprived of our joint powers, deprived of the sense of community, separated from the ritualistic and the sacred. We do not undermine the enormous contribution of postmodernism to critical thinking, the alertness to hidden power structures, and the radical sense; rather, we think that nowadays, these perceptions are interpreted and used in ways that impoverish art of its inherent assets.


We no longer want to occupy the empty spots provided by a preconceived program. Instead, we want to become the vibrant net that holds it together. We will do so by sharing the pool of knowledge and ‘presence’ we hold; such knowledge and ‘presence’ exceed the finalized result of a finalized artistic act (the object). We will take upon ourselves the responsibility to create a new vessel, enabling these new structures to perform a new way of exchange.


The project will have several phases. 

Phase A, called “incub-action” will be oriented towards re-calibration and introspection of “the pool.” We will deal with internalizing and ruminating issues and ideas that are pivotal to the development of a new proposal for action while expanding the audience circles organically and exponentially. 

Phase B, called “re-public” will be oriented externally and directed towards the public at large while sharing the issues and ideas developed in phase A.

Phase C, called “communication” will consist of a publication that could be compared to a spaceship that will encapsulate phases A and B and will be sent to the ‘other space’. In other words, phase C will have a form of a printed almanac in English, Hebrew and Arabic that will

summarize all the activities of The Pool, to be sent to members of the international community in the field of contemporary art.