Creatures of Dance: A Podcast on contemporary Dance in Israel, Episode 1


Dr. Yael (yali) Nativ and Iris Lana

Breaking the Wall

Israeliness and canon in Ohad Naharin's Kyr (wall in Hebrew) (1990) , Batsheva Dance Company

Breaking the WallCreatures of Dance Episode 1
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This episode is narrated by: Sarah Holcman, Adi Drori, Nataly Fainstien & Ido Kenan

With (in alphabetical order)

Dina Aldor, Executive Director, Batsheva Dance Company

Naomi Bloch Fortis, co-artistic director and Executive Director, Batsheva Dance Company until 2009 and Art Manager at the Jerusalem Season of Culture/MEKUDESHET

Avi Belleli, musician & producer. Member of the rock band Nikmat Hatraktor (Traktor Revenge)

Tomer Heymann, director and producer of documentary film, director of Mr. Gaga (2015)

Avner Hofstein, Investigative reporter at the online newspaper The Times of Israel and a lecturer in Media and Communication studies

Prof. Edna Lomsky-Feder, sociologist at the Department of Sociology and Anthropology and the School of Education at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem

Talia Paz, Batsheva dancer (1987-1990) participated in Kyr (1990). Artistic Director of the School of the Arts of Dance at Seminar HaKibbutzim College in Tel Aviv.


Regular Guest

Yair Vardi, founder and CEO of the Suzanne Dellal Center in Tel Aviv (1987- 2019).


Guy Dolev

Translation from Hebrew

Michal Shalev



“Echad Mi Yodea”, Nikmat Hatraktor (Traktor Revenge) and Ohad Naharin from 'Kyr' (1990)

Instrumental excerpt from 'Kyr' (1990) courtesy of Bathsheva Dance Company

“Echad Mi Yodea”, traditional tune from the Passover Haggadah, the Malka family here:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T_FSfJ0xXIM

“Osher”, lyrics by Avraham Broshi music by Sam Simli performed by Fredi Dora from the album “Artzenu H’aketantonet - Songs of the 50s”.




http://archive.batsheva.co.il/ ⏤ Batsheva Dance Company Archive

Program of Kyr (1990), courtesy of Batsheva Dance Company and the Israeli Dance Archive at Beit Ariela, Tel Aviv

Echad Mi Yodea by Ohad Naharin, Batsheva - the Young Ensemble

Kids dance Echad Mi Yodea at Eli Cohen’s Elementary School Passover ceremony in Kiryat Malachi, Israel.  Choreographer Siman Tov Sefarady 

Echad Mi Yodea, Flash Mob, Leah Goldberg School Netanya, Israel