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Creatures of Dance: A Podcast on contemporary Dance in Israel, Episode 3

Yael (yali) Nativ and Iris Lana

BoyzGirlz: Girl Power

Gender play in the works of Yasmeen Godder, Anat Danieli & Omer Uziel, Merav Dagan and Roni Chadash

Creatures of Dance Episode 3BoyzGirlz: Girl Power
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This episode is narrated by: Sarah Holcman, Adi Drori, Nataly Fainstien & Ido Kenan 

With (in alphabetical order)

Dr. Tal Dekel, Head of the M.A program in Visual Literacy Studies at the Kibbutzim College of Technology and Arts & a lecturer at Tel Aviv University

Yasmeen Godder, choreographer, dancer and artistic director of the Yasmeen Godder dance company and of the Moving Communities project


Regular Guest

Ran Brown, Head of the dance program at Telma Yellin high school for the arts, independent dance researcher and dance critic for Haaretz newspaper


Transcription Guy Dolev / Translation from Hebrew Michal Shalev


Photos of Gertrud Kraus Courtesy of The Israeli Dance Archive at Beit Ariela, Tel Aviv - Jaffa


"Valse Triste (Sentimentale)״ by Tchaikovsky, Op. 51, No. 6.

Josef Sakonov & London Festival Orchestra, from the album Phase 4 Stereo Spectacular, released 2015, Decca Music Group LTD

״Le Bourgeois Gentilhomme״ by Jean Baptiste Lully. 

Le Concert des Nations Jordi Savall, from the album La Musique au temps de Marin Marais, released 1992

״Ballet Suite No. 1.״ by Aram Khachaturian.

London Symphony Orchestra and Stanley Black, from the album Khachaturian: Ballet Suites from Spartacus &  Masquerade, released 2015, Decca Music Group LTD

״Lonely House, Street Scene” by Kurt Weill (1946). 

Piano Accompaniment by Christina Pepper, uploaded to youtube on 13th February 2019

״Heart and Soul״ (original mix) Bea Wain (1939).

From the album Bea Wain-You Started Something, released 2009 Dazzling Dames

Excerpt from Bloody Mary, by Merav Dagan (2018).

Recorded on live performance 


* All musical excerpts are from the choreographies presented in this episode except: “Arrow Arrow” by Aglow Hollow (2019)


Love Fire (2009) Yasmeen Godder - webpage


Two Playful Pink (2003) Yasmeen Godder - webpage


Merav Dagan at the


Roni Chadash at the

Two Playful Pink (2017) Yasmeen Godder - Trailer

Goofy [my body] (2016) - Trailer

Victims & Images (2018) by Roni Hadash - Trailer

Dominique Christina - The Period Poem

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