Annabelle Dvir

תמונת פנים.JPG

Photo: Amit Burkovski

Annabelle Dvir (1990) - Choreographer, dancer, vocalist and teacher, graduate of MA and BA with the Dean’s honors from The Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance, studying at KELIM Choreography Program, recipient of the DanceWeb scholarship 2018 - ImPulsTanz Vienna International Dance Festival. Recipient of Holon Municipality’s Art Excellence scholarship. Her works premiered in various festivals, such as Jerusalem International Dance Week 2018 - International SHOWCASE, Arts Printing House - Vilnius Lithuania, Intimadance Festival 2018, Between Heaven and Earth Festival 2017, Mazya Dance Series 2017, Jerusalem International Dance Week 2016, Co-production - Adama Dance Festival 2015, First Upcoming - The Israeli Choreographers Association and Dialogue events series. In her works she researches mainly the aesthetics that art has to offer to the humiliated, aching, bent body; to the changing contour between agony and pleasure, coercion to independence, and how they conjoin in the performer’s body as material, mass, sound - through visual, audial and plastic procedures.